Dani Tanai


A Zeltron Female


As a Zeltron, Dani had always had to work against the stereotypes of her people. Throughout the Galaxy proper, Zetrons were seen as irresponsible, thrill-seeking hedonists. Considering how few Zeltrons chose to leave their home planet, little has been done to counter this idea. However, the Tanai’s left Zeltros shortly after Dani was born in effort to expose their daughter to more of what the Galaxy had to offer. They found their way to the mid levels of Coruscant. Their neighborhood was pleasant and they raised their daughter as most middle-class families did. After her schooling, she set her sights on making a name for herself as a successful business owner. She worked her way from job to job on the upper levels of Imperial City until finally making enough to take up an associate on his offer to buy a business off-world. She said her goodbyes and bought a ticket to Cloud City. When she first laid eyes on Avalon it was a bit run down and had a reputation for an older crowd, long past its prime. Within 6 months it was the new hot spot on Cloud City, a classy restaurant with excellent food in the front, and an equally classy club in the back featuring up and coming artists.

Dani Tanai

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