Guy Tea


A Human Male


Little is known about Guy’s origin… He spent most of his life learning about his abilities at the Jedi Academy on Bogden. He had worked his way up to the title of Padawan to be assigned to study under the Jedi Master Plett, a compassionate Ho’Din. It was on the crystalline planet of Christophsis that they first met, in the heat of battle. Guy was shipped out by the council to be paired with Plett in the field. Their introduction was cut short as Plett and Guy rode the Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry (LAAT/i) headed for the base. Mere minutes into the trip, the shuttle was fired upon by the enemy, sending is crashing into the war-torn structures of the city. Flaming wreckage separated Guy from the surviving members of the crew, including Plett. Confused, alone and in shock from the crash, Guy fled. He spent 2 weeks battling for survival on the ravaged planet before finding refuge on a civilian transport bound off-world. Thought dead by the Council, he shuttle-hopped from port to port, gambling, stealing, and spice-dealing to make his way.

Guy Tea

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