Tor Plontoo


A Kel Dor Male


At just 27 years old Tor is considered to be a young adult amongst his species (Kel Dor). On his home planet of Dorin, he served as a Jr. Law Enforcer apprehending shoplifters and low level law-breakers. Crime is not as large a menace on Dorin due to their swift and extreme brand of justice. Seeking adventure and purpose, Tor saved up enough credits to buy a ticket off-world and soon after, found a freighter with a vacancy and was on his way. Upon arriving he gathered his sparse belongings and headed directly for the local law enforcement office. Within 2 weeks Tor had himself a job as a Cloud City Police Officer. Six months have passed since then and Tor has already made a forceful name for himself amongst the lower level thugs and dealers on the street.

Tor Plontoo

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